Our privacy policies 和 other disclosures contain information as to how we collect, 使用, protect 和 disclose your personal information. The privacy notice(s) that apply to you vary based on the type of relationship you have with 状态 Farm® 以及你所居住的州. 请看下面更多信息.


You are subject to the 私隐政策公告 which is required by the federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) under either of the following conditions:

  • You have financial products or services (banking, 证券, or insurance) which are 使用d primarily for personal, 家庭, 或家庭的目的
  • 状态 Farm has your information in connection with these types of products



Solicitations 和 direct marketing 常见问题


We, 和我们的供应商一起, 使用 several common tracking technologies on our website properties 和 in our mobile applications to collect information about your computer or device. 这些可能包括:

  • 浏览器cookie
  • Local shared objects (such as "Flash" cookies)
  • 移动广告或设备标识
  • 分析工具
  • 其他技术

健康 10bet移动客户端 Portability 和 Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy policy

You’re subject to HIPAA, if you are:

  • A consumer who has purchased a health insurance policy
  • A 状态 Farm employee or independent contractor agent 和 have enrolled in a 状态 Farm group health plan


状态 laws 和 regulations require certain privacy notices be provided depending on the 状态 Farm product or service you have 和 the jurisdiction.

You are subject to the 10bet移动客户端 Information 和 隐私 Protection Act notice, if you:

  • Have insurance products (auto, homeowners, life, or health)
  • Are a claimant or beneficiary related to insurance products primarily for personal, 家庭, 或家庭的目的

This notice may apply in addition to the notices described above, which are provided in accordance with GLBA 和/or HIPAA. This notice will be substantially similar to what is provided in the following link, but your state’s exact notice could vary.


  • 亚利桑那州
  • 加州
  • 康涅狄格
  • 乔治亚州
  • 伊利诺斯州
  • 缅因州
  • 明尼苏达州
  • 蒙大拿
  • 内华达
  • 新泽西
  • 北卡罗莱纳
  • 俄亥俄州
  • 俄勒冈州

私隐政策公告 to Consumers

If you are a resident of 缅因州 or 蒙大拿, we are required to provide this notice as a result of your involvement in a claim with one of our customers 和 this is provided whether or not you are an existing 状态 Farm customer. You might receive this notice if you were involved:

  • As the driver of another vehicle in an automobile accident with a 状态 Farm-insured customer
  • As a passenger in a vehicle involved in a claim with a 状态 Farm-insured customer
  • In a claim recorded under a 状态 Farm 房主 policy
Read the full 隐私 Policy to Consumers

加州 Consumer 隐私 Act (CCPA)

如果你是加州居民, 你可能有保护措施, 受某些限制, 根据CCPA通知. 在一般情况下, consumers subject to this notice will be those who do not have an existing customer relationship with 状态 Farm.


If you are a 加州 resident 和 would like to exercise your CCPA rights, utilize the applicable link below to access 和 complete the data access request form.

加州 Consumers with prior 状态 Farm employment - Request Form

加州 Consumers without 状态 Farm Account online access - Request Form

加州 Consumers with 状态 Farm Account online access - Request Form


伊利诺斯州 和 New York require notices to victims of domestic ab使用 of their rights granted by each state.