A collection of estate planning strategies and tips

房地产 planning should be part of your financial plan regardless of your income. A bit of pre-planning might lead to greater control and security of your legacy.



随着技术的不断发展, it's vital to understand what happens to your online accounts when you can no longer manage them or pass away.


Forgetting to change beneficiary information is a common mistake when planning an estate. We break down estate planning dilemmas and more.

Questions 关于 Social 安全 Survivor Benefits

Who is eligible for Social 安全 survivor benefits? 我们对幸存者福利进行了细分, explain how to claim survivor benefits and identify who qualifies.


Marriage, death and divorce are, of course, reasons to update an estate plan. We review other times to review what's included in this financial document.


Having a Will can give you peace of mind knowing your requests will be followed.

Types of Wills and Trusts for 房地产 规划

What are the differences between a basic will, 淋在将, 节税将, 生前信托等? Learn more about wills and trusts in this informative article.


Benefits of Owning a 人寿10bet移动客户端 Policy to Cover Your Final Expenses

Final expense insurance (or burial insurance) can help relieve the burden of funeral planning. We'll explore details of guaranteed issue life insurance.

What Determines the Cost of 人寿10bet移动客户端?

How do life insurance companies determine rates? 谁为人寿10bet移动客户端付的钱更多? 我们将其分解.


Life insurance is a simple way to plan for the financial future of people you love. Make informed decisions about the right ways to keep your family protected.


The 3 Main Barriers Preventing Women from Preparing for 退休

退休 for women comes with a unique set of challenges. We describe the barriers and how to overcome them.


The average medical expenses in retirement are often greater than many people realize, but planning can help mitigate the unexpected.

Facts You Need to Know 关于 Women and 退休

Women tend to earn less than men but typically live longer, leading to a gap in retirement savings. Learn how women can narrow the retirement savings gap.


Managing 金融 Affairs for Someone Else

As you age, you may be wondering: Is it OK for another person to pay my bills? T在这里 are steps to take to ensure your financial security later in life.


Self-supporting singles can build good money management and budget habits into their daily life at any age.

How to Talk 关于 Money with Your Aging Parents

Many adults are faced with supporting parents through important life events. We discuss how to approach aging parents about finances.


Any job change leads to upheaval and uncertainty. From severance pay to health insurance options, 在这里's guidance about what to do when you lose your job.


An annuity provides a way to receive a paycheck for the rest of your life. State Farm agents share how annuities work and how it can fit into your retirement plan.

Common 金融 Misconceptions: Credit Cards

信用卡可能会让人困惑. Don't let these common misconceptions prevent you from selecting the right credit card that meets your needs

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